SpacEyes 3D (2013)


Editor of SpacEyes3D software suite, 3D model design and real-time fly-through, GeoImage company offers an integrated and complete 3D solution including :

  • its software and associated services : training, maintenance and customized developments,
  • its supply of services : 3D models design and production of 3D City Models from airborne or satellite images.

This 3D offer is dedicated to professionals who wish to communicate, explain, inform or present to specialized or non-specialized audiences various issues dealing with management, planning or territory development. More than 1,500 SpacEyes3D licenses are used across the world.

For all professionals – Governmental agencies, Land surveyors, Town planners, Architects, Consulting firms – SpacEyes3D is the perfect solution, easy to use, to « highlight and animate » planning projects and areas of interest.

Compatible with all major GIS, CAD and 3D tools, and main spatial servers of the market, SpacEyes3D range (Server, Active X, Web plugin, etc.) allows to develop all kinds of 3D mapping applications (local or web) by simple integration of SpacEyes3D technology.



SpacEyes is build from severals C++ cores libraries which allow to create 4 kind of products :

  • The Builder which is the main Qt window interface allowing to import a digital elevation model (DEM) data and then to add Geographic information system (GIS) data over it. It also able to customized the buildings extrusion from cadastre layer, create animations and export for a free viewer application distribution or distant application (website) with the server product.
  • The viewer allow to load SpacEyes files from builder to navigate freely into the 3D built scene.
  • The server allow to store specific implementation of a model/scene built for client web site for example
  • The plugin and SDK is a developer tool which wrap the cores libraries to provide an unified interface and expose some features in order to create custom 3D interactive scenes/models (mainly used with javascript to embedded spaceyes scene into a custom website application).

I contribute to all these products (and update the Builder and viewer from V5 to V6) :

SpacEyes-Builder-v6 SpacEyes-Viewer-v6

  • Technologies migration :
    • CMake
    • Qt next version
    • Jenkins deployment
    • incredibuild deployment
    • Build migration (visual studio)
    • Internal private wiki and bug tracker deployment
  • Cores libraries maintenance :
    • OpenSceneGraph and Qt bug fixes
    • New formats supports
  • Product support and maintenance :
    • SCRUM deployment/experimentation
    • Hotline with client issues
    • Commercial supports for technical aspects (and meetings tenders)
    • New features implementations (measurement tools…)
    • Formation (international) and events organization/participation



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