Source Code Management with GIT and build system with CMake

The strong of the Git to handle atomic commits localy or over network and the features branches with the management of diff/merge amazingly flexible. Combined with the powerful CMake cross-platforms build system allowing to configure, build, install and deploy our projects, it make both tools the best development workflow.

Inria Sophia Antipolis : Immersive Space

INRIA SED DREAM manage and develop the experimental platforms. Here I worked on the integration/compatibility of SOFA (physical real time simulation framework) into the Immersive Space (CAVE and CADWall) : SOFAVR

Augmented Reality with our OgreView SDK developed in CEA labs

Here my internship to provide an unified SDK (which combine already existed internal computer vision algos ans power of 3D engine Ogre3D) in order to ease the prototype creation (here augmented reality maintenance scenarios)

Virtual visit of our building

3DsMax models integration into a Virtools application and development of many multimodal interaction (Virtual reality center: SPIDAR and augmented reality mini games)...

INRIA CR-PLAY European project with Image Based Rendering technologies

My work as INRIA engineer for IBR framework maintenance and Unity 3D engine transfer.


Source Code Management

How to : git, svn, cvs, tortoise


Tips'n tricks, code snippet, divers entries (C/C++/C#)

Méthodes Agiles

My reading/references and experiences (also my opinion...)

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